Vegetarian Rennet

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Twineham Grange
Twineham Grange is a vegetarian alternative to traditional parmasan. A great cheese which is as h..
Vignotte 2.2kg
A triple cream, high fat content French cheese with a slight lemony flavour and a powdery wh..
Waterloo is a delicious brie like cheese made from Guernsey cows milk by Village Maid Cheese in Berk..
Wensleydale with Apricot
Sweet & fruity; A perfectly balanced flavour combination of fresh Real Yorkshire Wensleydale ..
Wensleydale with Cranberries 1.5 kg
New from Illchester Cheese - Creamy Wensleydale cheese blended with sweet cranberries. ..
Wensleydale with Ginger 1.25kg
Deliciously unusual; the oriential piquancy of stem ginger effortlessly complements the freshness of..
Whitelake Driftwood
This cheese is an ash log with geotrichum rind; it is great for slicing and grilling. Made with u..
Whitelake Morn Dew
Morn Dew is a washed rind cheese with a mild and creamy with a soft spongy texture..
Whitelake Rachel
Whitelake Soft Goat's Cheese
Whitelake White Nancy
A traditional hand made washed-curd brie like cheese made from unpasteurised ewes milk and name..
Windyridge "Afterburn" Cheese
Made by Windyridge Cheese. This blend of cheddar and hot chilli peppers is very hot and not for t..
Windyridge "Jalapeno Jack" Cheese
A delicious mix of Jalapaeno Peppers and mature cheddar cheese blended by the experts at Win..
Windyridge "Olive Grove"
Creamy cheddar with green and black olives and nut free pesto. This is a brand new cheese from Windy..
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