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Twineham Grange
Twineham Grange is a vegetarian alternative to traditional parmasan. A great cheese which is as h..
Waterloo is a delicious brie like cheese made from Guernsey cows milk by Village Maid Cheese in Berk..
Wensleydale with Apricot
Sweet & fruity; A perfectly balanced flavour combination of fresh Real Yorkshire Wensleydale ..
Wensleydale with Cranberries 1.5 kg
New from Illchester Cheese - Creamy Wensleydale cheese blended with sweet cranberries. ..
Wensleydale with Ginger 1.25kg
Deliciously unusual; the oriential piquancy of stem ginger effortlessly complements the freshness of..
Westcombe Dairy Mature Cheddar
Westcombe Cheddar has a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes of citrus, haz..
Westcombe Red Leicester
Westcombe Red is a mellow but characterful semi-hard cheese with a smooth, somewhat crumbly texture...
Whitelake Driftwood
Driftwood is a fresh, lactic, log-shaped goat cheese with a distinctive lemon flavour and a silky sm..
Whitelake Morn Dew
Morn Dew is a washed rind cheese with a mild and creamy with a soft spongy texture..
Whitelake Pave Cobble
Supreme Champion of 2017 A lactic style Ewes milk. This cheese is ashed and in the shape of a flat-..
Whitelake Rachel
Winner of the Best Goats Cheese in the World at the 2017/2018 World Cheese Awards Multi-award win..
Whitelake Soft Goat's Cheese
Whitelake Tor
Created in tribute to the ancient Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, Tor is an unusual, pyramid-shaped unp..
Whitelake White Nancy
A mild and crumbly unpasteurised goat cheese with a white bloomy rind. White Nancy has a semi-soft t..
A traditional hand made washed-curd brie like cheese made from unpasteurised ewes milk and name..
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