Chevretta Extra Mature

Chevretta Extra Mature
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Chevretta is a healthy Goats Cheese made from some of the finest Dutch goats milk. The Chevretta goats are looked after with great care and dedication on small scale goat farms and their high quality milk gives this six-month matured Goats Gouda a creamy smooth taste. This cheese is both easy to slice and grates well and is perfect in a wide range of dishes. Best of all though, eat it on its own or with a light salad. Delicious.


What Makes Chevretta so unique?

  • Exceptionally rich taste
  • Easy to digest
  • 40% less salt than many goats cheeses
  • Hand crafted and expertly prepared
  • Consistent quality due to the balanced composition of the goats diet
  • Agen on wooden shelves in optimal conditions
  • Even aging process due to its size
Dutch Hard Goat Vegetarian Pasteurised
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