Peters Yard Artisan Crispbread 105g Box

Peters Yard Artisan Crispbread 105g Box
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In the 1500s, Nordic countries introduced crispbread (knäckebröd) into their diet, using them just like fresh bread. Large discs of crispbread were baked at harvest time and preserved over the winter. Each one was made with a hole in the middle so that they could be hung on a pole above the fire and kept for long periods of time. The result is a crisp, wholesome, delicious bread with the texture of a cracker, some big enough for snapping & sharing. That’s why each of the large crispbreads has a hole stamped out in the centre, in-keeping with Nordic traditions.

Originally starting out in a small bakery in the depths of the Swedish countryside, Peter's Yard crispbreads are now made in the UK using the same traditional Scandinavian recipe. They are available in a range of different formats to suit every occasion.

From the mini versions, ideal for nibbles or canapés, to the large round ones reminiscent of 16th Century Nordic traditions, no two crispbreads will ever look alike. Crafted by their team of bakers, all of the crispbreads are baked daily in batches, using the best natural ingredients of sourdough, fresh milk, rye flour, whole wheat flour and honey to create irresistibly crispy, dimpled crispbreads which complement a wide selection of sweet or savoury toppings.

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